Providing Support to the Front Office

Improve the Operational and Administrative Tasks

Back office It is an extended branch of a company that focuses on providing support to the front office. Some of the activities they execute are maintaining records, data management, accounting, finance, technology, and many other fields, depending on the company and industry.
Every company has operational and administrative tasks that take up time and effort from client-facing activities. And the back office is an integral part of the company; it provides support to the front office. With the help of Alphanomix we can assure all the processes in the back office and make the operations smoothly running.

Corporate Performance Management

Managing various processes and methodologies involved in aligning an organization's strategies and goals to its plans and executions in order to control the success of the company is quite nerve-racking.

But with the expertise of Alphanomix it will provide companies with significant business insights through processes like budgeting, scenario analysis, financial planning, forecasting and data reporting that will help the increase key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, return on investment (ROI), overhead and operational costs

CTO/CIO Services

Sometimes businesses need a senior technology professional who understands the company’s business objectives and provides technology leadership and direction to support those objectives.

Transform your transition by leaning on a leader with deep industry knowledge, business savvy and access to a full range of technology services. With Alphanomix 's CTO/CIO services will help your company evolve with business changing technologies

Human Resources Solutions

Human resources manages the critical HR functions, such as wages, benefits, recruitment, adaptation, productivity management, and employee communication.

Alphanomix will automate all this process and save your time and money by automating the HR process; It will reduce the possibility of human error by limiting liability and preventing costly errors.

Know how Alphanomix can guide you with your technology related needs